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About the presenter. "Chris Clementi has had some unique experiences with employment and education. Her first job in education involved teaching 7th grade social studies in Reno, Nevada. After substitute teaching and having her own classroom, she decided to take an alternative career path. She came to the conclusion that her interests were in technology and education. Consequently.... "
Advanced Internet Searches
This workshop will help educators become more efficient users of the Internet. They will learn how to use various search engines. This workshop will help them narrow their search so they can find meaningful information without wasting valuable time. Some advantageous educational web sites will be shared with teachers during this workshop. They will learn how to create a links web page for their students to use during classroom projects.
Evaluating Websites
This workshop will focus primarily on the validity of websites. Several websites will be analyzed in order to thoroughly understand what makes a site legitimate. Teachers will be able to conduct their own searches and determine if they are worthy of student research. They will be able to take home several evaluation checklists for classroom use. This workshop is essential for teachers and students alike, since the wealth of information online can be very overwhelming.
Ethics in Technology
This workshop will give teachers an in-depth understanding of the ethics involved in using resources from the Internet. It will give them the tools necessary to assist their students in citing their sources properly. Teachers will create a lesson plan that requires their students to use and cite information from at least 2 Internet sources. They will also require their students to download and cite images from the Internet.
Integrating Technology and Curriculum
Teachers will learn how to incorporate content and technology by using several different applications. Workshops will be offered using the following applications:

Workshops in Excel, creating graphs, spreadsheets and more
Workshops in Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver,
creating WebPages and more
Workshops in PowerPoint,
creating multimedia presentations
Workshop in Publisher,
creating children's books, brochures and more.
Workshop in Adobe Photoshop, creating banners, collages, and other projects

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