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Dr. Tammy Clementi has been an educator for the past 26 years. She was a classroom teacher for 14 years and an instructional coach for 3 years.  She has been a building level and central office administrator (Director of Elementary Education, Director of Student Achievement, and Chief Academic Officer) for the past 9 years.  Dr. Clementi has been recognized at the district, state, and national level for her teaching excellence.

"…her students achieved a level of academic proficiency that most educators would only hope to attain." (El Paso Council Crystal Apple Award) "…since Colorado has been using the CSAP to measure student achievement, her class scores have soared." (Principal) "…her class ranked 11% above the state average." (News Anchor, KOAA TV)

Dr. Clementi earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and a PhD in Educational Administration.

Dr. Clementi provides staff development to many schools and school districts both at the state and national level.   She works with classroom teachers, building level administrators, and district level administration to ensure research-based instructional strategies and pedagogy are "constants" in classrooms and the “instructional norms” school wide.  She also works closely with building and district level administrators to provide direction and focus on systemic reform efforts geared towards substantially increasing student achievement.  Schools and school districts that have utilized Dr. Clementi's services continue to call upon her year after year.

"….just wanted to let you know, our third grade reading scores went up 20 percent! Your intense efforts paid off. Thanks for all your help." (Colorado Principal)

"....your expertise, knowledge, and ability to inspire my staff were a key contributor to moving our school's SAR scores from low to average...thank you so much for your work." (Colorado Principal)

"....this is the best money I've ever spent." (Colorado Principal)

"…whatever you touch seems to turn to gold." (School District Superintendent)

Universities have also solicited Dr. Clementi's services as their keynote speaker in their teacher preparation program. Dr. Clementi excitedly shares the joys of teaching to hopeful teachers. She uses stories of past experiences that have the audience both laughing and crying. Her love of the profession is extremely contagious.

"…we bring in National Teacher of the Year, but our students raved about you! Would you consider being our keynote speaker each year?" (University Director of Teacher Education Program)

Dr. Clementi has also worked closely with the Colorado Department of Education in the development of the reading and writing TCAP test.  Her participation in this process has given her the insight necessary to assist schools in their understanding of the specific learning outcomes of the TCAP.  She works closely with schools on the instructional strategies that best address the specific benchmarks and indicators for all subject areas.  These specifics help teachers and administrators understand where the instructional focus should be. 

Dr. Clementi's passion for students, teachers, and administrators has earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues. She has long been considered a highly effective classroom teacher, a building level administrator, and a central office administrator.  She has enjoyed transferring her love and passion for teaching children into now working with teachers and administrators.

"Dr. Clementi is a high energy, competent, talented educator that has a way of engaging others and inspiring them to go the extra mile. She is a person of high integrity who does not compromise her beliefs around dedication to students. Her desire to be the best she can be at everything she attempts is remarkable. Tammy is a professional who seeks to serve others and is constantly excited by innovative instructional practices. She follows through on every commitment and is highly organized." (Colorado School District Executive Director of Instructional Services)

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