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School Improvement Workshops

Professional Learning Communities

Even though Dr. DuFour is synonymous with Professional Learning Communities, Dr. DuFour's concepts are not new in the education arena. In one form or another, educators have known the key components to a school's success depend upon the commitment, the vision, the values, effective leaders, the climate, strong curriculum, monitoring progress, effective teachers, the celebrations, and the commitment to change. This workshop walks through the strategies to build a professional learning community within a school. (Audience: Building Administrators, Educational staff K-12.)

School Wide Discipline System

There is a correlation between student achievement and student discipline. When students are not in class, they are not learning. Statistics show that the majority of students referred to the office are academically low performers. Schools that track the data on year-to-year office referrals are finding there is not a significant decrease in the number of referrals made each year. This means schools are losing opportunities to make even higher gains in student achievement. This workshop will cover a discipline system that if fully supported and implemented by the staff, can decrease office referrals by 90% and higher (excluding serious infractions requiring suspensions or expulsions). With this particular discipline system, students own their behavioral choices and consequently they are more cognizant of their behavioral choices. This workshop is a must for teachers and administrators struggling with classroom management. (Audience: Building Administrators, all education personnel working directly with students.)

Data Drives Instruction

Use data to drive instruction is not just a cliché. Anyone who has experienced success clearly understood where they were (before accomplishing success), clearly understood where they were going (their goal, target), and clearly knew how they were going to get there (the strategic plan to get them there). This workshop will provide teachers with standards-based practical, easy-to-administer ongoing assessments in reading, writing, and math. Teachers can then use the assessment results to meet the specific needs of each child. This workshop also provides principals specific strategies in data collection and how to use the data to provide support in those classrooms struggling with low student achievement. (Audience: Building Administrators, K-8 classroom teachers, special education teachers.)

Curriculum Mapping

Learn how to systematically plan curriculum for maximized student achievement. Participants will learn how to plan their school's curriculum using the academic calendar as an organizer. By planning the curriculum together, participants will get a comprehensive look at the entire curriculum across grade levels, throughout the entire school year. Curriculum mapping is a practical resource for seeing the big picture and making important curriculum decisions so that classrooms are no longer "repeating" unnecessary curriculum units, but rather "spiraling" the curriculum. Spiraling the curriculum reinforces and builds on previous learning experiences...a necessary component for deep understanding. (Audience: K-12 classroom teachers, administrators, special education teachers)

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