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"Don't stop-DON'T EVER, EVER STOP!"

"You are fabulous-hilarious! You sure have done a lot of work to make teaching easier-appreciate that!"

"Tammy Clementi is the most inspirational, powerhouse of energy, bottom line…she's the ONLY in-service presenter who has provided me with so many ideas and time-saving devices that I HAVE ever come into contact with in 5 years of education…GOD BLESS HER!"

"I continue to be impressed with the outstanding workshops this district provides. Dr. Clementi demonstrates an exceptional ability to teach and to instill the value she places on teaching as a profession. Thank you Tammy."

"Tammy is amazing! I hope to be half as knowledgeable (someday) as she is…VERY concrete ideas, hands-on, DYNAMIC! If I could, Tammy would be my daughter's teacher K-12!!! WOW-I can't even imagine!"

"Tammy's knowledge, experience, and personality go together sufficiently to help make a terrific (sparkling) presenter!" "The district really got their money's worth from this presenter. BRING HER BACK!"

"I wish this course had a way to transmit some of Tammy's energy every Monday AM to get me through the week."

"Tammy's energy makes me want to attack the classroom at full speed. Thanks for the great ideas!" "Very informative. I am totally excited for tomorrow's class!"

"Great energy! I appreciate the fact you share information which is kid tested."

"I wish this course had a THANK YOU GIFT for the instructor. Tammy is an OUTSTANDING, engaging, highly interactive instructor whose generosity (providing materials) insures our utilizing/implementing materials/strategies in our classrooms."

"I am so envious of teachers who get to work with Tammy!! I loved her examples, jokes and command of the subject. SUCH AN INSPIRATION-plus I want to see if she'll be my personal trainer!! Would love to video tape her presenting so I can review it to recapture the energy and passion."

"Tammy, you were very professional while presenting material. I now know how to teach my children to write. I enjoyed your sense of humor and the fact that you have teaching experience, unlike politicians who push a program without any previous knowledge."

"Often people know their stuff, but Tammy knows her stuff AND infuses enthusiasm all the way, WHICH IS AWESOME! I want to model and be a teacher JUST LIKE HER. This was totally worthwhile. She practices what she preaches…she modeled, gave examples, and made it real to me."

"I wish more of the classes offered by our school district were presented with as much knowledge and humor. If they were, there would be more respect for those who present by those who receive."

"First time EVER I wanted a workshop to last forever. You are awesome!" 

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